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Estimated Appraisal Value & Best Comparable Sales

Local, certified appraisers provide you with the 3 best comparable sales for the property, comparison commentary on all 3, plus an estimated appraisal value derived from the 3 comparable sales utilized

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Our proprietary PropertyMBA report lets you view key insights about any property through the eyes of local, certified appraisers

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Zoning Classification and Allowable Uses

We will provide you with the legal zoning classification for the property as well as a summary of the allowable uses and restrictions

Fair Market Rental Rates

We will research comparable properties, contact local property managers, and check published research to provide an estimate of fair market monthly rent (and what should be included)

Recommended Renovations & Upgrades

Our local, certified appraisers will provide you with insights on which renovations & upgrades will be the most likely to provide you with a Return On Investment (ROI) based on your specific property and the applicable market

Local Market & Neighbourhood Snapshot

We will provide you with relevant information on the local market and neighbourhood that is applicable to your submitted property